Leadership Awards

We are thrilled to announce this year’s JWRP Leadership Award winners. Our three award winners are extraordinary women who have shown enormous vision, wisdom, and passion. They are the embodiment of Jewish values.

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    Dr. Janice Weinman

    The Pamela Claman Award

    Dr. Janice Weinman is an international role model who has significantly impacted the Jewish world with her inspired leadership. For over 100 years, Hadassah has empowered women to make a difference for Israel and the global Jewish community. Last year, Janice showed tremendous vision by launching a partnership between Hadassah and the JWRP, which has expanded both organizations’ reach and impact.

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    Debra Magerman

    JWRP Lay Leadership Award

    After experiencing MOMentum in 2012, Debra Magerman and her husband dedicated themselves to growing the JWRP presence in Philadelphia. Through their work with our Partner Organizations, they have inspired hundreds more local women to join MOMentum. Debra has also served as a MOMentum Madricha three times, impacting families and communities all over the world.

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    Karen Nightingale

    JWRP City Leader Award

    In her role as a JWRP City Leader from Aish South Florida, Karen Nightingale has gone above and beyond her duties by becoming a teacher, mentor, and friend to the hundreds of JWRP sisters in her area. By infusing her work with love, energy, and thought, she has inspired other Florida-based organizations to become Partner Organizations and has guided them in welcoming many more women to the MOMentum Year-Long Journey.